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Civil Litigation is a phrase that encompasses both formal and informal disputes between people. Whether it is time to go on the offensive to enforce your legal rights, or time to have someone step in to defend your interests, our firm will ensure that we advocate your interests and achieve an optimal outcome.

While most litigation will settle at some point prior to trial, the firm you choose has to be willing to take your case the entire distance. At the same time, efficiency and advocacy are not incompatible. Your litigation strategy, be it through trial or settlement, should be based upon the entire picture. A good lawyer has to weigh probabilities and economies and advise his client to turn down the bad deal and take the good deal.


Contact us for the following areas:

  • Commercial and Small Business Disputes

  • Breach of Contract

  • Insurance Denials of Coverage

  • Construction Disputes

  • Real Estate Disputes

  • Personal Property Disputes

  • Landlord/Tenant

  • Liability disputes

  • HOA Litigation


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