To Carry or Not to Carry Liability Insurance in Oregon

Lets face it, most of us think we are better drivers than everyone else on the road. If an accident is going to happen, it will probably be the fault of the other driver. Some are so confident, that they do not carry liability coverage on their own vehicles. Bad idea.

It's always a good idea to keep your vehicle insured. Carrying liability insurance not only protects others in the event of an accident, it protects you as well.

ORS 31.715 provides that you lose your right to assert claims for pain and suffering if you are an uninsured driver, even if you are not the one at fault.

While you are at it, buy a good policy, not the minimum. For instance, one that provides more than just the minimum $15,000 in personal injury protection and provides for high UIM limits (in case the other driver had the same idea). If you are ever in an accident, you will appreciate it.